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Are you in search of the best UK merchant account providers? Before diving into any transaction or commitment with a payment gateway provider, you should rightfully know what you are getting into first.  The best UK Payment gateway providers may not be readily available or that prevalent, but with enough due diligence, you will eventually come across one that will help you feel secure about your money and how you transact with your customers.


The  best UK Payment gateway providers will provide top notch tokenization and security.  Even with the advent of bitcoin, which requires no credit card or bank account, the majority of all products and services on the internet are through payment gateway providers.  A payment gateway provider is the middle man between you, your customer and the debit or credit card that your customer will use to pay you.  With ease of use, coupled with multi layered security, paying by credit and or debit cards with payment gateways isn't going away anytime soon.


According to payment gateway experts, the trick to looking for the best pdq machine provider is to know exactly what you are looking for.  This means doing your due diligence, and not jumping in impulsively with any UK card machine providers.  One thing you will need to look for is how easy a payment gateway provider is to setup, and at the same time, how convenient it is to cancel with them. Yes, even canceling with what you thought was the best UK Payment gateway can be a headache. You must consider this as a major factor because you do not want to be locked up in a bad contract.  If you are also in search of the best UK Payment Gateway providers, you would want to get to know exactly how much it will cost you as well.  Please read the fine print before shelling out any of your hard-earned money. Find out if there are any extra fees you will need to settle and if there are limit fees that you will need to be aware of as well. It would also be safe to assume that the best UK Payment Gateway providers have good customer support systems that will be ready to serve you no matter what time of day.  The best UK Payment Gateway providers will have a high transaction success rate, have very little downtime, have a good reputation in terms of fraud prevention and they will also make sure that your account is secure at all times.


One of the best UK payment gateway providers is PayPal, which is most likely one of the first names that would pop into your head when it comes to looking for a payment gateway provider. Using PayPal offers a good number of benefits, which already include fraud protection, optimized checkout using mobile, which is very convenient, as well as the acceptance of international payments. What makes PayPal one of the best UK Payment Gateway Providers is that it has zero monthly fees if you are making use of standard web payments, but if you are using Web Payments Pro, you will be required to shell out a monthly fee of £20.  PayPal is also arguably the world's most trusted payment gateway provider too.  When your customers and clients see the PayPal checkout they feel safe.  This is because PayPal is probably the original and oldest payment gateway kid on the block.


Another good option for the best UK payment gateway providers is Shopify.  Shopify is actually a favorite among citizens in the UK. One perk of Shopify is that you will be given the opportunity to use it for 14 days with no charge at all, no credit card necessary. There are some disadvantages in using this platform though, such as an extra charge if you intend to make use of a different payment gateway.  This is probably why Shopify did get some poor reviews on websites such as Trustpilot.


Another good option to take, if you are looking for the best UK payment gateway providers, is SagePay.  SagePay bodes well for both traditional businesses and online ventures alike. As the company has claimed, around 55,000 other businesses around the world are also making the most out of its services.  SagePay is very proud of their 9.7 rating out 10 on Trustpilot too, so they definitely appear to be a solid payment gateway provider. Of course, nothing is perfect, so you will have to deal with SagePay's fees that can amount up to £45 per month!  However, SagePay's overall satisfaction rating has been a steady one, so the extra expense might be worth the peace of mind that your business can acquire from using their services.


Last but not least on the list of the best UK payment gateway providers is Payoneer.  Payoneer is not only popular in the UK, but it is also widely used in more than 200 other countries around the globe. It is commonly used as an alternative for PayPal and caters to other areas such as Australia, the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and even China. What makes Payoneer one of the best UK payment Gateway providers is that it offers its users an additional $25 upon the collection of the first $100!  Sweet!  Also, Payoneer payments can come in within mere hours, unlike some providers that take days before the money arrives.


So, when it comes to searching for the best UK payment gateway providers, it is really about what will work for you, and what you would think would suit you and your customers the most. It is understandable that money is always a touchy subject for every individual and the hesitation about putting your money in an untrusted source is highly understandable. Hopefully, this information has given you an idea of which are the best UK payment gateway providers.  Choose carefully, choose wisely and make sure you understand that the payment gateway between your business and your customers is the backbone of your entire business.



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